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Welcome to Telescopedia! A source of practical information for both newcomers and experienced amateur astronomers. While there are resources on the world wide web for amateur astronomers, none of them actually go into detail on everything there is to know. Instead they often specialize in one particular subject. We hope to change this by listing every piece of practical information about amateur astronomy. This includes everything from the surface brightness of the Orion nebula, to arc seconds per pixel, to the usage of setting circles on mounts.

So, what's wrong with wikipedia?

Yes, there is an astronomy portal there but wikipedia does not allow how-to guides and other practical information to be added. This is fine for people who just want to read about astronomy but for us amateur astronomers it's not very useful.

If you are new to amateur astronomy, you might want to go trough the Getting started page first.
General Information

Airy disc
Deep space catalogs
Focal length
Light pollution
Spot size
Surface brightness
Telescope design

Astrophotography related articles

CCD and CMOS sensors
Filter (Astrophotography)
Focus mask
Ringing in planetary images
Stacking software
How to... Collimate a telescope
Connect a DSLR to a telescope
Polar-align an equatorial mount
Observe within a city environment
Get started in astrophotography

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List / comparison of...

Common CCD and CMOS sensors
Common screw threads
Field flatteners / focal reducers
Local astronomy clubs
Planetarium software
Solar eclipses
Stacking software
Telescopes on the market (Dobsonian)
Telescopes on the market (Newtonian)
Telescopes on the market (Refractor)
Telescopes on the market (Reflector)
Useful formulae
Weather websites

ATMAmateur Telescope Making (or Maker) & DIY

Amateur telescope making
Building an observatory
Grinding your own mirror

* This wiki is quite new so don't expect a lot of content just yet.
Red links are not yet written and are suggestions for future pages.

Want to contribute?

You're more than welcome to do so! Currently there aren't any strict guidelines set in stone, but due to the nature of this industry please keep everything brand neutral. Other than that it's best to keep everything understandable to newcomers. You can also search for photographs and such that are copyright free (or even take some photo's yourself) of the relevant gear/object/whatever and add them to new and/or existing articles.

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